Food Technology Subject Committee administers ..........

The HOD of Central Department of Food Technology is the ex-officio Chairperson of Food Technology Subject Committee. The Chairperson has a 4-year tenure while other members of the committee have only 2-year tenure. As of 2014, the committee comprises 17 members from various academic sectors, details of which are given below:

Designation Name Representative
Chairperson   Ms. Geeta Bhattarai HOD, CDFT, Dharan
Member Prof. Dilip Subba Senior faculty, CCT
Member Prof. Ganga Pd. Kharel Senior faculty, CCT
Member Prof. Surendra Bdr. Katawal  Senior faculty, CCT
Member Mr. Suman Kr. Lal Das  Senior faculty, CCT
Member Mr. Pashupati Mishra Senior faculty, CCT 
Member Mr. Basanta Kumar Rai Senior faculty, CCT 
Member Mr. Ishwor Koirala Central Dept. of Physics, TU 
Member Dr. Ram Pd. Khatiwada Central Dept. of Statistics, TU 
Member Mr. Shyam Kr. Mishra HOD of Nutri. & Dietetics, CCT
Member Mr. Dipak Sapkota HOD, Chemistry Dept., CCT
Member Ms. Babita Adhikari HOD, Food QC Dept., CCT
Member Mr. Narendra Dangi Purwanchal Engg. Campus, IOE
Member Dr. Madhav Baral NIST, TU-affiliated institute 
Member Prof. Jagat Bdr. KC Expert
Member Dr. Tika Bdr. Karki Expert, Kathmandu University
Member Dr. Madhav Lamsal Expert, BPKIHS, Dharan