The campus is situated on an isolated and quiet knoll called "Hattisar" (altitude 428 meter) on the lap of spectacular Bijaypur hill north-east to Dharan, a magnificent and well-off city in the East of Nepal.  It is in Ward No. 14 of Dharan Municipality. The campus premise spreads over an area of about 19 ½ bighas (9.2 ha) of lush vegetation (26° 49' 08" N- 26° 49' 25" N and 87° 17' 13" E - 87° 17' 24" E). It is easily reachable from the main town by auto-rickshaw (it costs around NRs 150, as of 2014, for a 10-min ride). One may also prefer to go on foot, in which case a shortcut trail may be used (it normally takes about 20 min from Bhanuchowk). See the map provided also.

site map of cct

Site map of Central Campus of Technology