The campus underwent decentralization system on February 15, 1999, thereby obtaining partial autonomy. The campus began to run through Campus Management and Development Committee (CMDC). Around 2012, the campus underwent a more liberal form of autonomy. Subsequently, the name of the apex body has been changed to Board of Directors and consists of 21 members. Details of the members of the Board of Directors are given below:

Board of Directors

Designation Representative Name
Chairman Senior faculty Prof. Surendra Bahadur Katawal
Member HOD, Dept. of Food Technol. Ms. Geeta Bhattarai
Member HOD, Dept. of Biology Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Thapa
Member Social activist/Educationist Mr. Shankar Ghimire
Member Social activist/Educationist Mr. Krishna Narayan Palikhe
Member Donor Mr. Krishna Agrawal
Member Donor Ms. Meena Pulami
Member Gaurdian Mr. Bhumi Narayan Chaudhary
Member Gaurdian Mr. Jaya Bahadur Moktan
Member VC nominee Prof. Dhan Bahadur Karki
Member VC nominee Dr. Arjun Baral
Member MOE-Nepal Govt. Rep. Mr. Radha Krishna Ghimire
Member UGC-Nepal Rep. Mr. Kedar Prasad Acharya
Member TUTA representative Mr. Chandeswori Sahu
Member TUEA representative Mr. Gopal Shrestha
Member Finance chief Mr. Mohan Dahal
Member Administrative Chief Mr. Navin Kumar Shrestha
Member Dean's Office Rep. Mr. Suman Lal Shrestha
Member Students' Union Rep. To be decided later
Member Ward Commissioner  To be decided later
Member Campus Chief Prof. Dhan Bahadur Karki

The Board of Directors is vested with power to make all important decisions for the welfare and development of the campus, education, employees and students. It also has the power, among other things, to tap and mobilize resources and employ staffs. The main functions of the Board are to:

  • Formulate managerial policy for maintaining high standards of teaching, training and research activities
  • Formulate policies for long-term development of the campus
  • Approve/Sanction yearly budget and programs
  • Develop relationships with foreign institutes

The decentralization system has overtime made significant contribution to the development of the campus. Its decision to make provision for enrollment of some students on donation quota has significantly strengthened the campus (financially).

The board members (except student union representative) have a tenure period of 4 years. 

The Board as such is very inclusive in make up: members represent almost all strata and sections of population that has to do with education. An organization chart of Central Campus of Technology is given below.

Organization chart

Organizational structure of CCT


Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of seven members and the members have a tenure period of 2 years. The main functions of the executive committee are:

  • To formulate policy for the administration/management of quality education, pedagogy, and research environment in the campus
  • To prepare plans and policies for the development, extension and progress of the campus
  • To approve long-term plan of the campus
  • To sanction annual budget
  • To implement/execute the decisions from the TU senate and the Academic Council

The details of the members of the executive committee are as follows:

Designation Representative Name
Chairman Campus Chief Prof. Dhan Bahadur Karki
Member HOD, Dept. of Food Technol. Ms. Basanta Kumar Rai
Member HOD, Dept. of Biology Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Thapa
Member Senior faculty Mr. Prabhat Kumar Shrestha
Member Senior faculty Not yet decided
Member VC nominee Mr. Shyam Kumar Mishra
Member Secretary Asst. Campus Chief Mr. Dil Kumar Limbu