Because of the diverse Academic- as well as Research Programs run at CCT, the campus has devolved the responsibilities of academic- and research management upon senior and competent faculties of CCT. Please visit DEPARTMENTS for more detail. In addition to the academic departments, CCT also has Department of Student Welfare. This department deals with extracurricular activities (games, quiz contest, seminars, saraswoti puja, orientation for new students, etc.), educational tours, and scholarship.

A recapitulative representation of the academic structure at CCT is given in the following figure:

academic structure

Academic structure at CCT

CCT=Central Campus of Technology; CDFT=Central Department of Food Technology

Master Level Programs are administered, at the central level, by the respective Central Departments of IOST. At the campus level, however, the program is administered through a sub-Department headed by a coordinator.

In addition to these departments, CCT also has a unit called Research and Management Cell (RMC). The unit is generally headed by HOD of CDFT. The cell overseas all the in-house and collaborative research activities. The figure below shows the RMC office.


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