Central Campus of Technology has a team of highly resourceful faculties. At present, the campus has some 56 faculty members out of which 21 members are permanent, 28 are on contract basis and 6 are working on part-time basis. The designations ranges from Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer, to Teaching Assistants.

For profiles of the faculties, please follow the link FACULTY PROFILE

 S.N.  Designation  Name  Status Subject
1 Professor Dr. Dilip Subba Permanent Food Technology
2 Professor Dr. Surendra Bdr Katawal Permanent Food Technology
3 Professor Dr. Dhan Bdr Karki Permanent Food Technology
4 Assoc. Prof. Suman Kr Lal Das Permanent  Microbiology
5 Assoc. Prof. Lakshman Sharma Siwakoti Permanent Chemistry
6 Assoc. Prof. Shreepati Chakrapani  Contract Physics
7 Assoc. Prof. Chandeshwori Sahu Contract Physics
8 Assoc. Prof. Pashupati Mishra Permanent  Food Technology 
9 Assoc. Prof. Geeta Bhattarai Permanent  Food Technology 
10 Assoc. Prof. Pushpa Pd Acharya Permanent  Food Technology
11 Assoc. Prof. Basanta Kr Rai Permanent Food Technology
12 Assoc. Prof. Kishor Dhakal Permanent  English
13 Assoc. Prof. Shyam Kr Mishra Permanent Food Technology
14 Assoc. Prof. Ganesh Bdr Thapa Permanent  Zoology
15 Lecturer Prabhat Kr Shrestha Permanent  English
16 Lecturer Dipak Sapkota Permanent Chemistry
17 Lecturer Sunil Kr Bhagat Contract Physics
18 Lecturer Dil Kr Limbu Permanent Botany
19 Lecturer Babita Adhikari Permanent  Food Technology
20 Lecturer Damodar Bhandari Permanent  Nepali
21 Lecturer Jay Narayan Shrestha Permanent Zoology
22 Lecturer Lalita Shrestha Permanent Chemistry
23 Lecturer Ram Binod Mahto Permanent Biochemistry
24 Lecturer Shivnandan Sah Permanent Microbiology
25 Teach. Asst. Indumati Poudel Contract Chemistry
26 Teach. Asst. Peshal Pokhrel Contract Physics
27 Teach. Asst. Chandeshwor Pd Sah Contract Physics
28 Teach. Asst. Sanju Parajuli  Contract Botany
29 Teach. Asst. Ganesh Tamang Contract Zoology
30 Teach. Asst. Netra Pd Subedi Contract Chemistry
31 Teach. Asst. Suman Adhikari Contract Mathematics
32 Teach. Asst. Manoj Khanal Contract Chemistry
33 Teach. Asst. Dil Bdr Limbu Contract Chemistry
34 Teach. Asst. Buntey Maskey Contract Food Technology
35 Teach. Asst. Suman Rai Contract Microbiology
36 Teach. Asst. Hemanta Khanal Contract Microbiology
37 Teach. Asst. Balabhadra Bhandari Contract Mathematics
38 Teach. Asst. Navin Gautam Contract Food Technology
39 Teach. Asst. Dev Raj Acharya Contract Food Technology
40 Teach. Asst. Hom Nath Baral Contract Statistics 
41 Teach. Asst. Pallavi Vyas Jaisani Contract Nutrition
42 Teach. Asst. Sabitri Shrestha Contract Botany
43 Teach. Asst. Ram Chandra Adhikari Contract Zoology
44 Teach. Asst. Arjun Ghimire Contract Food Technology
45 Teach. Asst. Kabindra Bhattarai Contract Food Technology
46 Teach. Asst. Dinesh Shrestha Contract Statistics
47 Teach. Asst. Damber Bdr Khadka Contract Nutrition
48 Teach. Asst. Yadav KC Contract Food Technology
49 Teach. Asst. Lalit Kr Rai Contract Geology
50 Teach. Asst. Dilendra Sah (डिलेन्द्र साह) Part time Physics
51 Teach. Asst. Gagan Man Shrestha Part time Nutrition
52 Teach. Asst. Dr. Ashish Mukherji Part time Chemistry
53 Teach. Asst Man Kumar Tamang Part time Biochemistry
54 Teach. Asst. Kalyan Rai Part time Microbiology
55 Teach. Asst. Prince Subba Part time Microbiology
56 Teach. Asst. Richa Bhattarai Part time Nutrition
57 Lecturer Dr. Atul Upadhyaya Part time Research Division