At Central Campus of Technology, we carry out a wide range of researches, ranging from in-house researches, mini-grants to full-scale researches. Below is given a glimpse of the different types of researches carried out at CCT:

  1. In-house research: Carried out by faculties for developing/optimizing practicals, trial researches for developing proposals
  2. Mini-researches: Done using small grants obtained from University Grants Commission (UGC), Nepal Academy Science and Technology (NAST), Thribhuvan University (Dean's Office)
  3. Medium-scale researches: Done using Research grants from other organizations, such as SEAM-N, SIRF, NEFIN, Municipalities, etc.
  4. B. Tech. Dissertations: Around 24 dissertations per year
  5. M. Tech. Thesis: Around 12 theses per year
  6. PhD Thesis: Two full research in Food Technology and two partial researches in other fields (as of 2014)

Central Campus of Technology is bringing out an annual  international journal named "Himalayan Journal of Science & Technology" very soon. The journal will cover research articles on all aspects of science and technology.

In order to manage and update different research activities going on at CCT, the campus has recently established a unit called Research and Management Cell (RMC). The operational modality of the unit is yet to be decided. The cell should typically prepare database of all the researches carried out at CCT (including theses and dissertations), administer application for research projects and grants, and publish journals, newsletters, and so on.

The database, and possibly online archival of full-text of research, should be of immense help to the students and researches. Once the cell becomes fully functional, we hope to see this page with links to over 300 dissertations carried out at CCT. A sample copy is given below (link):

 S.N.  Year  Thesis title  Researcher
1 2005 Preparation of starter culture using yeasts
and molds isolated from local murcha
Basanta K. Rai