At present, there are 9 Departments, including Central Department of Food Technology (CDFT), for the management of these programs. Campus chief is the head of the academic programs that deal with Bachelor levels. Master's Degree and Ph. D. programs in Food Technology are administered by CDFT. Other Master’s degree programs are administered by the respective Central Departments: campus/college units have a sub-department, and is generally administered by Program Coordinators instead of Chairpersons. See Academic structure for the organization of academic program. Below is given the list of Departments, sub-Department and the current Chairperson (as of 2014). The list also includes Student Welfare Department.

  1. Department of Food Technology
  2. Department of Food Quality Control
  3. Department of Nutrition & Dietetics
  4. Department of Compulsory Subjects
  5. Department of Biology
  6. Department of Physics
  7. Department of Chemistry
  8. Department of Microbiology
  9. Central Department of Food Technology (CDFT)
  10. Sub-Department (M. Sc. Microbiology)
  11. Students Welfare Department

Functions / Roles of Departments

The functions/roles of Departments and Central Department in the academic programs are explicitly defined and documented. The department is headed by a Chairman, usually referred to as HOD (Head of the Department). The Department chiefs, unless under special circumstances, have a 3-year tenure. The HOD of the Central Department, however, has a 4-year tenure.

The Department prepares time tables / class routines for relevant subjects every academic session and distributes the workload between the faculties. Very often, a joint meeting of different committees is essential to sort out/resolve common problems and work out the routine for regular classes, practical exams, and dissertation. The chairman of the Department monitors day-to-day progress of the course and supervises his/her member faculties for effective delivery of class lectures. Details of the individual instruction committees are given below:

Department of Physics

chakrapani Shreepati Chakrapani

HOD:  (Assoc. Prof. of Physics)

Contact: +977 025 530197

Faculty members:

  1. Mr. Chandeshwori Sahu
  2. Mr. Sunil Kumar Bhagat
  3. Mr. Peshal Pokhrel
  4. Mr. Chandeshwar Prasad Sah
  5. Mr. Lalit Kumar Rai


Department of Chemistry

 Dipak Sapkota

HOD:  (Lecturer in Chemistry)

Contact: +977 9842054823



Faculty members:

  1. Mr. Laxman Sharma Shiwakoti
  2. Ms Lalita Shrestha
  3. Ms Indumati Poudel
  4. Mr. Netra Prasad Subedi
  5. Mr. Manoj Khanal
  6. Mr. Dil Bahadur Limbu


Department of Biology

ganesh thapa
 Ganesh Bahadur Thapa

HOD:  (Assoc. Prof. of Zoology)

Contact: +977 9842053287


Faculty members:

  1. Mr. Jaya Narayan Shrestha
  2. Mr. Dil Kumar Limbu
  3. Ms Sanju Parajuli
  4. Mr. Ganesh Tamang
  5. Ms Sabitri Shrestha
  6. Mr. Ram Chandra Adhikary


Department of Compulsory Subjects

kishor dhakal
 Kishor Dhakal

HOD:  (Assoc. Prof. of English)

Contact: +977 ????????



Faculty members:

  1. Mr. Prabhat Kumar Shrestha (English)
  2. Mr. Damodar Bhandari (Nepali)
  3. Mr. Suman Adhikari (Mathematics)
  4. Mr. Balabhadra Bhandari (Mathematics)
  5. Mr. Hom Nath Baral (Statistics)
  6. Mr. Dinesh Shrestha (Statistics)
  7. Ms..... (Statistics)


Department of Food Technology

basanta rai
Basanta Kumar Rai

HOD:  (Assoc. Prof. of Food Technology)

Contact: +977 9842053434



Faculty members:

  1. Prof. Dr. Dilip Subba
  2. Prof. Dr. Dhan Bahadur Karki
  3. Mr. Suman Kumar Das
  4. Ms. Geeta Bhattarai
  5. Mr. Bunty Maskey


Department of Food Quality Control

Babita Dahal

HOD:  (Lecturer of Food Technology)

Contact: +977 9842054169

Faculty members:

  1. Prof. Dr. Surendra Bahadur Katawal
  2. Mr. Pashupati Mishra
  3. Mr. Ram Vinod Mahato
  4. Mr. Navin Gautam
  5. Mr. Dev Raj Acharya


Department of Microbiology

 Shivnandan Sah

HOD:  (Lecturer in Microbiology)

Contact: +977 9841921923



Faculty members:

  1. Mr. Suman Rai
  2. Mr. Hemanta Khanal
  3. Mr. Kalyan Rai
  4. Mr. Prince Subba


Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

Dambar Bahadur Khadka

HOD:  (Teaching Assistant)

Contact: +977 9841363554




Faculty members:

  1. Dr. Sudip Shrestha
  2. Mr. Shyam Kumar Mishra
  3. Ms Pallavi Jaisani
  4. Mr. Kabindra Bhattarai
  5. Mr. Arjun Ghimire
  6. Mr. Man Kumar Tamang
  7. Mr. Yadav KC
  8. Ms Richa Bhattarai


Central Department of Food Technology (CDFT)

Ms Geeta Bhattarai

HOD:  (Assoc. Prof. of Food Technology)

Chairperson: Food Technology Subject Committee

Contact: +977 9842053434 / 025 526726


Faculty members (to be updated soon)


Sub-Department for M. Sc. Microbiology Program

suman rai
Suman Rai

Program coordinator: (M. Sc. Microbiology)

Contact: +977 9842044595



Faculty members (to be updated soon)


Student Welfare Department

Prabhat Kumar Shrestha

Chairman: (M. A. English)

Contact: +977 9852047156



Faculty members (to be updated soon)