B. Sc. in Nutrition & Dietetics

B. Sc. in Nutrition & Dietetics ​

B.Sc. IN Nutrition & Dietetics is a 4-year course with annual examination system. In the final year, students undergo field-posting (internship) for three months. In the same year, they also carry out dissertation as for the partial fulfillment of the degree.The whole course is divided into four parts, each of one year duration and 500 marks. In total, twenty papers are offered. Four theory papers are given 50 marks each while the rest sixteen papers are given 100 marks each. Eleven papers carry practical parts, the marks distribution for theory and practical being 75% and 25%, respectively. In the fourth year, there are two additional compulsory courses, namely, (i) dissertation, and (ii) field-based posting (3 month internship), each carrying 100 marks. Short field visits will be decided by the Nutrition & Dietetics Instruction Committee.

Working period is of 150 lecture hours (each lecture is of 50-min duration) for the paper of 100 marks. One theory paper of 100 marks has 4 lectures per week. One practical paper of 25 marks has 4 hours of practical per week. An attendance of 70% of the classes is mandatory.

Students should appear in 3-hour examination for theory paper of 100 as well as 75 full marks: and a 2- hour examination for theory paper of 20 as well as 37.5 full marks. Practical examination for 25 full marks has a duration of 6 hours.

Students will have to pass separately in theory and practical examinations. Pass marks in theory and practical are 35% and 40% respectively.

Dissertation as well internship (Field-based posting) has pass mark of 40 percent.

A student having passed all the years’ examination will be graded as follows:

  • Distinction – 75% and above
  • 1st division – 60% and above
  • 2nd division – 45% and above
Distinction 75%
1 st Division 60%
2nd Division 45%

Details of subjects in each year, nature of course and marks distribution are as follows:

First (1st) Year​

Subject full marks
Math and Statistics (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Principles of Food Science & Nutrition (T) 100
Nutritional physiology(T) 50
Biophysics (T+P) 50 (37.5+12.5)
Food Chemistry (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Food & Medical Microbiology(T+P) 100 (75+25)
Total 500

Second (2nd) Year​

Subject full marks
Food Processing (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Nutritional Biochemistry (T) 100
Food Science-I (T) 100
Food Science-II (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Hygiene and Sanitation (T) 50
Food Toxicology (T) 50
Total 500

Third (3rd) Year

Subject full marks
Human Nutrition (T) 100
Catering and Management (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Community Nutrition & Nutrition Management (T) 100
Food Quality Control & Analysis (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Research Methodology & Computer Application (T) 100
Total 500

Forth (4th) Year

Subject full marks
Food Habit & Nutritional Assessment (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Clinical Nutrition (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Dietetics (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Dissertation 100
Field-bases posting (internship, 3 months) 100
Total 500