B. Tech. Food Technology

Tech. Food Technology

Tech (Food) is based on annual examination system and it is a four-year course with total of 2000 marks. First year courses comprise of basic sciences, engineering, and microbiology. Food science courses and other courses fundamental to food processing are taught in the second year. Third and fourth years are devoted to teaching product technology, quality control, and food plant management. Besides, dissertation is compulsory.

An academic year consists of 150 working days. One theory paper of 100 marks will have 4 lectures per week. A lecture has duration of 50 minutes. One practical of 25 marks will have 4 hours of practical per week. 70 percent attendance in the class is compulsory for students.

Students will have to present a seminar on relevant topics during the fourth ear. They also go to in-plant training for 45 days. Students are given orientation before they leave for the training. A total of 50 marks is allotted for seminar, in-plant training report and confidential marking obtained from the industry providing training for the student.

The procedure for deciding on the dissertation is quite involved. At first, an orientation program is organized to discuss on how to select a dissertation topic, write the research proposal, review of literature and write references. The students, then, with some assistance from prospective guides, submit a prioritized list of three possible topics of their interest. The Departments of Food Technology and Food quality control jointly deliberate on several aspects of the topics, mainly feasibility, significance and the appropriateness, before reaching the final decision. Students are notified of the decision and appropriate guides are allocated forth same. The total duration allocated for the dissertation work is six months with two months of full laboratory work. Usually the review work goes along with regular classes. The Department, later, publishes the dates of submission of draft and the final manuscript. After the completion of all thesethe defense program starts.

First (1st) Year​

Subject full marks
Basic & Food Microbiology (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Physics (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Chemistry ( T+P) 100 (75+25)
Math and stats (T+P) 100 (75+25)
instrumental Techniques of Analysis (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Basic principles of engineering ( T+P) 50 (37.5+12.5)
Total 550

Second (2nd) Year

Subject full marks
Food Engineering (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Food Chemistry(T+P) 100 (75+25)
TFP-I* (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Biochemistry& Human Nutrition ( T+P) 100 (37.5+37.5+25)
Principles of Food processing (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Total 500

TFP-1*= Technology of Food products-1 (cereals, legumes, oilseeds and protein foods)

Third(3rd) Year​

Subject full marks
Biochemical Engineering (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Industrial Microbiology (T+P) 100 (75+25)
TFP-II ** (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Food  Quality control and Analysis (T+P) 100 (75+25)
TFP-III *** (T+P) 100 (75+25)
Total 550

TFP-II**= Technology of Food products-II(fruits and vegetables, chocolate and sugar confectionery, tea, coffee and spices)

TFP-III***= Technology of Food products –III(meat, fish and poultry)

Forth (4th) Year

Subject full marks
TFP-IV****(T+P) 100(75+25)
Storage and packaging(T+P) 100(37.5+37.5+25)
OR and FPM (T+P) 100(75+25)
Dissertation(T+P) 50
In-plant Training and class seminar 100(75+25)
Total 550