M. Tech. Food Technology

M. Tech. Food Technology

It is a two-year program with a weight age of 1000 marks (500 marks each year)

 and yearly examination system (as of 2014). Exercise is being done to change the program to semester system Six theory papers are offered in the first year out of which four papers carry 70 marks, one paper 50 marks and the remainder carries 35 marks.  There are also 5 practical papers (four of them of 30 marks and one of only 15 marks). The second year comprises of five theory papers and three  practical papers. Besides these, two additional subjects, viz. research topic selection and review work (RTSRW) of 50 marks and dissertation of 70 marks are compulsory.

An academic year consists of 150 working days. One theory paper of 100 marks will have 4 hours of lectures per week. The subject with only theory paper of 50 marks in the first year will have 3 hours of lecture per week. One practical paper of 30 marks will have 4 hours of practical per week. A practical paper of 15 marks will have 4 hours of practical n two-week’s time. 70 percent attendance in the class s compulsory for the students.

First (1st)Year

 Subject full marks Pass marks
 Food science  (a) (T+P) 50 (35+15) 14+6
 Food plant   automation  &  Numerical  Methods  (T+P) 100 (70+30) 28+12
 Food process  engineering (T+P) 100 (70+30) 28+12
 Food Biotechnology & By-product Utilization (T+P) 100 (70+30) 28+12
 Food ecology (T) 50 20
 Optional (Product Technology Group A (b), any one) 100(70+30) 28+12

            (a) = food chemistry, biochemistry, human nutrition and food microbiology

            (b) = (i) Fruit and Vegetable Technology, (ii), Grain Technology, (iii) Tea and coffee Technology, (iv) Spice and Herbal Food Technology

Second (2nd)Year

 Subject full marks Pass marks
 Food Packaging (T+P) 50 (35+15) 14+6
 Technology of Nepalese indigenous Foods (T+P) 50 (35+15) 14+6
 Food storage Technology (T+P) 50 (25+15) 14+6
 Industrial Management Science (T) 100 40
 Research Topic Selection and Review work 50 20
 Dissertation 100 40
 Optional (Product Technology Group B (c), any one) 100 (70+30) 28+12

(c)= (i) Meat Technology, (ii) Dairy Technology, (iii) soft Drink Technology, (iv) Snack Food Technology

In addition to these, several industrial visits are also conducted, for example: (i) local tour to villages for the study of indigenous food technology, (ii) tour to tea industries, (iii) tour to packaging and storage facilities, (iv) tour to slaughter house, (v) long tour to dairy and soft drink industries