Other Facilities

Transportation faculties

Central Campus of Technology has adequate amenities/facilities to cater the needs of some 600 members of the CCT family

Drinking water supply

CCT has Bought 15 katthaof land at Shivajatta and managed its own water resource. It has planted varieties of plants in the area and has built an aluminum wire fence around the land toprotect the water resource. Likewise, CCT has installed a water treatment plant that can produce 3000 liters of drinking water per hour. This is more than sufficient for the CCT family.

Power back-up

At the moment,Nepal electricity Authority (NEA) is the sole source of electricity. Because of the chronic shortage and frequent power cut of electricity supply from NEA, the campus is trying to find some alternatives. It is playing to add a 22 KVA diesel plant to the existing                small-capacity machine for emergency needs in the laboratories and pilot plants. For office use, it has already installed hybrid solar panel set. It is also planning to install similar renewable power supply for Research and Management cell (RMC) and library, adequate enough to run at least 20 PCs and some electronic equipment during the day time.