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General FAQ

    Eligibility for admission

    Candidates who have passed I.Sc, 10+2 in science, I.Tech in Food/Lab technology or equivalent shall be considered eligible to apply for admission to B.Sc. ND.

    A student who seeks admission to B.Sc. ND Program

    • Must appear in an entrance examination of two hours duration conducted by Central Campus of Technology, Institute of Science and Technology (IOST), TU
    • The Selection of the student for admission will be based as per the merit of the entrance examination
    • Complied with all the application procedure.

    It is mandatory for all students who are enrolled in CCT to wear the Campus uniform. Failure to adhere to the college uniform code will disqualify the students from attending the Campus.

    • I found a very caring and homely environment at the university where the faculty staff and the people in the university are exceptionally supportive
      Binraj Rai
    • At CCT, we have always been encouraged to explore beyond the boundaries of set syllabus to learn and develop professionally while still being academically strong.
      Sajal Shrestha
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    Dear Students, Parents, and Well Wishers!

    On behalf of Campus Administration, I welcome you all in Central Campus of Technology (CCT), Hattisar, Dharan. Located at the foothills of Bijayapur Height, it is   surrounded by peaceful and serene environment which is suitable for learning and research.

    Nepal is a country based on agro-economy. More than 67% of its population depends on agriculture. The geographical diversity of the nation provides favorable condition for diverse food products. The Tarai region is suitable for grain products like paddy, wheat and corn. Similarly, the hilly region is suitable for fruits and vegetables, along with the grain products. Likewise, the topography of the Himalayan region suits for the herbal medicinal plants. But, due to the lack of technically skilled man power, Nepal is yet unable to provide food security to its citizens. Thus, to explore and make the maximum utilization of its diverse food products by producing qualified and technically equipped human resource CCT was established in 2028 B.S.

    Ever since its establishment, CCT has been continuously working to broaden its visions, missions and goals. It has been devoted to provide students world class, quality education in science and technology to make them capable of facing challenges of modern world. At present it runs bachelor and masters programs in food technology, nutrition & dietetics, microbiology and physics. In addition, it runs Ph. D. program in food technology. This institution has been recognized for its quality education both in nation and abroad. We are proud that there is a high demand of our graduates within the nation and abroad.

     Nonetheless, today's graduates have to compete in the rapidly changing world. We are aware that it is not enough covering the curriculum. To meet the demands of fast changing world, our faculties have adapted themselves with the modern methods of teaching and are striving to provide students practical and theoretical knowledge required in the present world in the field of science and technology. We assure you that in CCT we equip our students with both practical and theoretical skills so that they can compete in today's world.

    (Prof. Dr. Dhan Bahadur karki)

    Campus Chief