Central Campus of Technology

Dharan-14, Hattisar


University library is an academic library that is attached to higher education institution and serve a complementary purpose: to support the curriculum and research of the faculty and students.It is considered the most important resource of an institution. As heart and blood of university, it is invaluable partner for furthering the mission of the university.

Central Campus of Technology Library provides different services to its community to fullfil the objectives of the campus. Central Campus of Technology Library is there to support the objectives of campus which promote teaching learning and research.


The objectives of the Library are to:

  • Fulfill the teaching and research needs of the University
  • Provide materials both in conventional and e-formats and furnish an environment conducive to study & research.
  • Encourage membership and promote information literacy, readership and life-long learning.
  • Promote resource sharing, networking and exchange of databases.
  • Provide documentation and information services and bring out relevant publications.
  • Help develop libraries and promote standards, guidelines and best practices.
  • Promote professional expertise in information management and conduct trainings in librarianship.