Central Campus of Technology

Dharan-14, Hattisar




The Himalayan Journal of Science and Technology (HiJOST) is a peer reviewed journal published by the Central Campus of Technology, Tribhuvan University, Dharan, Nepal. It welcomes articles from basic sciences, food sciences and technology, nutrition and dietetics, engineering and medical sciences. Papers relating directly or indirectly to all aspects of these fields are also welcomed. The journal aims to provide a forum for expression of new ideas, as well as exposing the knowledge that can further the understanding of issues and concerns relating to science and technology.


Other Publication

Food Waves

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CCT Bulletin

This is the annual bulletin of Central Campus of Technology, Hattisar, Tribhuvan University. It is fact that CCT has made a remarkable progress in the field of science and technology, student enrollment, academic as well as physical growth of campus, publications, faculty development and evaluations. Due to this reason also our campus was awarded the best campus in T.U. among autonomous campus in T.U. The bulletin basically contains the information and statistics related to Educational and personnel administration, examination, research activities of campus chief as well as ongoing research activities in various field of food science and technology, data of library, progress of results in respective department, overall development and other various future plans of campus. The bulletin will help anyone to know more clearly about any activities of campus.