Central Campus of Technology

Dharan-14, Hattisar


The museum at CCT has an interesting history. In short, in the early days of campus establishment, under the earnest desire of teachers and campus administrations, a small museum was established in one of the rooms of the laboratory building. The specimens of the museum consisted of many biological specimens from the surrounding areas and villages. Rare specimens such as abnormal birth of man, animals and plants (and their parts) were collected and preserved. These specimens are still well preserved. Students, faculties and local people still continue to enrich he museum: they bring the specimen to the museum as soon as they feel that it is rare, exotic, abnormal, or in same way extraordinary. Over time the ascension has grown to a nearly unmanageable extent. More than seven thousand visitors visit the museum each year. Most of the visitors are high school and plus two school students from Dharan, Dhankuta, Morang, Ilam, Panchathar and Tehrathum.