Central Campus of Technology

Dharan-14, Hattisar

Free Student Union

Mr. Saurab Sanjel
Free Students Union
Central Campus of Technology

Free Student Union (FSU) in any government college is formed by direct election system. The candidate who wins the election in respective post gets opportunity to work in the concerned post of FSU for the period of two years. The Free Student Union of this well-known and reputed institution of the country has been raising the voice for the welfare and rights of the students. Besides these they have been organizing different co-curricular activities and also worked as a facilitator. FSU always serves as the bridge between students and administrations for the betterment of students and it appeals for the good quality education and rightful benefits of students from the college. It assures students access to the quality books, E-library and other sports related equipment in college. Different types of extra-curricular activities are organized from the beginning of Campus CCT. Five academic faculties are running in our college and there are various non-political organizations in each faculty which conduct different sports activities annually.

Name Post
Mr. Sourav Sanjel President
Mr. Anuj Karki Vice – President
Mr. Abinash Poudel Secretary
Ms. Pooja Dangi Treasurer
Mr. Kiran Dahal Joint Secretary
Mr. PrashantaPathak Member
Mr. Samip Bimba Member
Mr. Basanta Rai Member
Ms. Tara Ghimire Member
Mr. Karun Shrestha Member
Mr. Prabesh Bhattarai Member
Mr. Samit Karki Member
Mr. Bishesh Viswakarma Member
Mr. Wangdi Sherpa Member
Mr. Bishnu Bista Member