Admission open on Nutrition Admission open on B.Sc Admission open on B-Tech Food Pre-Admission Form open on B-Tech Food B. Sc. 2nd Year Internal Examination 2077 BIT ENTRANCE EXAM 2077 Notice B.Sc. Nutrition And Dietetics Admission First Merit List 2077 B. Tech. Food First Merit List 2077 नोट: समस्त विद्यार्थी वर्गमा यो सुचित गरिन्छ कि दोब्बर दस्तुर तिरेर २०७७ चैत्र २२ गते सम्म वि. आई. टी. को  फारम भर्न सकिने छ। वि. टेक. खाद्य प्रविधि दोश्रो, तेश्रो र चाैथाै वर्षको कक्षा संचालन सम्बन्धी सूचना। वि. एस्सी. न्युट्रीशन एण्ड डाइटेटिक्स प्रथम वर्ष प्रथम शत्रमा भर्ना हुने योग्यताक्रम दोश्रो सूचि प्रकाशन। चार वर्ष स्नातक तह BIT विषयको भर्ना सम्बन्धमा र PASSED MERIT LIST वि. टेक. खाद्य प्रविधि प्रथम वर्षमा भर्ना हुने योग्यताक्रमको तेश्रो सूचि प्रकाशन। Merit List of BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology) अनलाईन कक्षा सञ्चालन हुने बारे जरुरी सूचना । वि.एस्सी. फिजिकल तथा वायालोजी प्रथम वर्षमा भर्नाको लागि मिति थप गरिएको सूचना वि.टेक. खाद्य प्रविधि र प्रथम वर्षमा भर्ना हुने म्याद सम्बन्धी सूचना । BIT Admission Notice & Third Merit List 2077/078 B. Tech. Food Admission Notice & Name List Admission to BIT List of Registration No. of B.Sc. 1st Year Student बि.एस्सी. प्रथम वर्ष अन्तर्गत वायाेलाेजी तथा फिजिकल समुहमा भर्नाका लागि निवेदन माग सम्बन्धी सूचना । बि.एस्सी. वायाेलाेजी तथा फिजिकल प्रथम बर्षमा भर्ना सम्बन्धी तेश्राे सूचि प्रकाशन सम्बन्धी सूचना । सहयोग गरिदिने बारे । वि. एस्सी. प्रथम वर्षमा भर्ना सम्बन्धि सूचना। वि. एस्सी. द्वितिय तथा तृतिय बर्षको कक्षा सन्चालन सम्वन्धी सुचना । वि. एस्सी. प्रथम बर्षमा भर्ना भएका विध्यार्थीहरुको अभिमुखिकरण कार्यक्रम (Orientation Program) तथा कक्षा सन्चालन सम्वन्धी सुचना । Admission Open on B. Tech Food First Year 2077 वि. टेक. खाद्य प्रविधि प्रथम वर्षमा भर्ना सम्बन्धी सूचना। शैक्षिक शत्र २०७७/०७८ मा स्नातक तह अन्तर्गत भर्ना हुने प्रथम वर्ष विद्यार्थीहरुले बुझाउनुपर्ने कागजातहरु बारे सूचना।
Central Campus of Technology
Dharan-14, Hattisar


Central Campus of Technology, Dharan is the fore runner of food technology education in Nepal. To date, the campus has produced more than 500 highly qualified food technology graduates. Annually, nearly 25 percent of them go abroad for further studies. Ten percent of them find Government jobs and the rest go like hot cakes in various food industries on Nepal and abroad. The scope of food technology education in Nepal has increased dramatically in the past few years. As a result, by 2014, there are 11 academic institutions where food technology education is offered. In the light of recent trend in food technology education in Nepal.

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Message from campus chief

Dear Students, Parents, and Well Wishers! It’s my great pleasure to welcome you all in Central Campus of Technology (CCT). It is situated at a very beautiful height at north-east corner of Dharan city. It is surrounded by peaceful and natural environment, really a suitable place for study.

CCT as an academic institution was established in 2028 B.S. During this span of life, the institution has been able to achieve its set goals and most of the objectives in the field of academic activities.

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Message from Chairperson

Dear Students, Parents, and Well Wishers! On behalf of Campus Management Committee, I welcome you all in Central Campus of Technology (CCT), Hattisar, Dharan. Located at the foothills of Bijayapur Height, it is surrounded by peaceful and serene environment which is suitable for learning and research.

Nepal is a country based on agro-economy. More than 67% of its population depends on agriculture. The geographical diversity of the nation provides favorable condition for diverse food products. The Tarai region is suitable for grain products like paddy, wheat and corn. Similarly, the hilly region is suitable for fruits and vegetables, along with the grain products. Likewise, the topography of the Himalayan region suits for the herbal medicinal plants. But, due to the lack of technically skilled man power, Nepal is yet unable to provide food security to its citizens.

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Our Facilities

Out of the various facilities and resources offered by Central Campus of Technology, the following are among the main facilities that are offered:

Our Departments

Central Campus of Technology (CCT), a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University, inherits its present name and form from the erstwhile Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IASTech) established in Dharan in 1972.


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